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Advantages of an Induction Melting Furnace

Efficient way
Electromagnetic induction directly heat up metals. This is the most efficient way to melt them down.
Clean plants
Compared with other furnaces,such as Cupolas,induction melting furnaces reduce smoke. It realizes cleaner work environments.
Quick melt
Especially medium-frequency induction melting furnaces can melt down metals very quickly.
Reduce CO2
Electromagnetic induction reduces CO2 emissions. It contributes to the low carbon society.

Features of a Taichiku's Induction Melting Furnace

Reliable power supply
The power supply has a highly efficient thyristor inverter,which is highly reliable.
Easily repaired or replaced
The body is an open frame style. The coils can be easily repaired or replaced.
Excellent related equipments
Taichiku's standard models have Quick Lining Removals. We also produce excellent related products as described below.
Internet of Things(IoT) technology
Our Operations Monitoring System has the Internet of Things technology.

Medium frequency induction melting furnaces and Low frequency induction heating furnaces.

Medium frequency
induction melting furnaces

Furnace capacity : 30 ~ 10000kg

Frequency : 300 ~ 3000Hz

Stirring of molten metal : Suitable frequency selectable

Operation : To empty is possible.

Starting block : Not necessary

Melting with sump melt charge : Not necessary

Harmonic filter : Necessary

Rate of cost : about 1.2

It's suitable for a wide variety of products.
Quick melting prevent from oxidizing.

Low frequency
induction heating furnaces

Furnace capacity : 800 ~ 30000kg

Frequency : 50/60Hz

Stirring of molten metal : High

Operation : Sump melt charge operation

Starting block : Necessary

Melting with sump melt charge : Necessary

Harmonic filter : Not necessary

Rate of cost : 1

It's suitable for a singularity production,
and continuous operations for a long time.

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Fall prevention safety fence

Fall prevention safety fence

Related Products Lineup

Quick Lining Removal

The oil hydraulic cylinder push out cobbing in one go.


Have many advantages,such as increased speed,energy saving.

Dust collector (Ring hood)

Higher harmonics filter + Power factor improvement capacitor

Decrease in bulk to 31% of a conventional product.

Input material equipment

Cooling water equipment

We can provide other equipment,such as furnace installations and automated input material equipment.
Please do not hesitate to contact us if you need any further information.

Business alliance with ABP induction

Taichiku Co., Ltd. is in business collaboration with ABP induction,a world-famous maker of induction melting furnace.
We provide high-performance and large-size ABP's induction melting furnaces in Japan.
Our engineers who received ABP's training,repaire and maintain these products.

Repair, Remodeling of Induction Melting Furnaces

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