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Features of an Induction Heater

An induction heater is an equipment to heat up metals and shape them. It is used in various manufacturing industries.
Taichiku consistently meets customer needs from design to maintenance.
Taichiku's induction heaters meet your needs such as quality,efficiency,speed,price,energy saving and compact space.

Energy saving
Taichiku's induction heater has a energy saving coil. We adopt a refractory rail system, which reduces prime costs.
Initial heating control and Low-speed feeding control at the temporary stops reduce imperfect heated billets, which have to be reheated.
Reliable power
The power supply consists of an efficient thyristor inverter,which is highly reliable. Taichiku adopt a centralized inverter control board.
Taichiku's induction heater provides a touch panel as standard. It makes easy to operate.
Item numbers setting function. Display of Operation guide, Failure, Troubleshooting and Operating data.
12 phase rectification system.
Harmonic filter is not necessary.
Good After-sales service
Taichiku is also always ready for after-sales services. We response quickly to customer requests, such as for electronic products, machine articles and coils.

Induction Heaters Lineup

Forging billet heaters

It is a heating equipment to continuously heat up "Billets". It is combined with a forging press.

Bar heaters

It is a heating equipment for bars measuring 6~7 meters in length or coiled steel bars. It is combined with a forging hot former.

Preheating Heaters before Shear

It is placed between a rack of steel rods and a shear cutter. It preheats steel rods before they has been cut by a shear cutter.

Pipe-end heaters

It has many benefits to introduce preheat of the pipe-ends or of heads of a bomb.

Paint curing heaters for building materials.

Repair, Remodeling of Induction Heaters

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